Tuesday, August 30, 2011

8x1000m with 2:00 Rest

8x1000m at 3:21-3:25 with 2min jog

2.5 mile warmup in 20:00 to Dilworth 800m Speed Loop
8x1000m at:
3:30 (1:55)
3:27 (1:59)
3:24 (1:58)
3:22 (1:57)
3:22 (2:00)
3:22 (2:01)
3:22 (2:05)
2.5 miles cool down in 20:00

With another early morning workout on tap, I woke up at 5:30AM from a peaceful slumber to get out the door on time to meet Stephen Spada and Lat Purser at the Dilworth Speed Loop.  After 20 minutes of running, Spada was ready to get rolling so I gave up the extra five minutes of warmup that I wanted to get in to compromise with Spada's daddy schedule.  After all, he drove all the way up from south Charlotte to join me in the workout, so it was the least I could do. 

Lat decided to only do 5 intervals with us since he has a long bike ride tonight.  It was great to have him join Stephen and I because he lead the way and took some weight off our shoulders.  When we completed the first one, I thought it felt much faster than we actually ran, so it was a little disheartening to see my split.  In fact, I had a brief moment of panic that I would have difficulty finishing up the rest of the 7 intervals, but I knew thinking like that would not help matters improve.  So, I decided to just work with Stephen and use him to hold me accountable. 

After the third interval, I finally began to get into the groove.  I felt fairly smooth and relaxed and the fact that the sun wasn't up yet made the 1000 meters fly by since I couldn't see key landmarks that indicated my location.  I didn't even bother catching my splits at the 400m or 800m marks and just ran on feel, basing my effort on where I was in relation to Spada.  We really are a good team because we don't really talk much and just get the job done.  We are just running, and just having that presence of a training partner is all that is needed to keep me motivated to keep pushing forward.

In the end, even though I felt really tired and exhausted at the conclusion, I'm pleased with this effort.  I finished all 8 intervals that were on my schedule and ran within the goal time frame.  However, I hope that when I revisit this workout again in a couple of months, I won't feel as rundown afterwards.  I would like to see fitness gains in that my recovery time is reduced. 


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