Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Pre-13.1 Minneapolis Workout

2-3 Miles at HMP and 4x400m

3 miles warmup
2 miles in 11:54 (6:07, 5:47)
.7 mile jog
4x400m in 74, 73, 73, 71 with 400m jog
2 miles cool down for ~10 miles total

Thomas joined me for this one at the Dilworth Speed Loop.  We met in front of Rebecca's beautiful Dilworth home and did a two mile tempo.  Then the plan was to do 4x400m to get the legs moving.  On the two mile portion, I really just wanted to run the first mile like how I plan to at the Half Marathon this weekend.  I executed that exactly by running 607 and then 547.  To be honest, my legs felt terrible on the first mile and then they started to feel a lot better on the second mile.  I was hoping they would feel much better on the speedy 400m portion, and fortunately the legs cooperated.

There really isn't that much to report here because it's a pre-race workout.  I typically use these as a mental tune up and try to envision the race plan I want to execute.  While doing my two mile, I determined that I really want to run my strongest portion of my half marathon in that final 5k.  I also realized that in the three other half marathons I've completed, I've never once felt good in the final five miles.  I would like to change that.  To do so, I've determined a race plan that has the highest likelihood of success.  I'd like to run the first 5 miles of the race at 6:00-6:10 pace (Marathon Pace), the second 5 miles at 5:50-6:00 Pace, and the final 5k in 5:45-5:55 Pace.  The key is to be patience in the first half of this race.  I know that I can run sub 6 pace for 10 miles, but I need to ensure that I don't dip below 6 minutes until it feels right - later in the race...not in the first 2 miles.

I'm excited to make the short trip to Minneapolis and reunite with Meagan at the Residence Inn.  She practically puts on the 13.1 Race series for Karhu, so it should be cool to watch her do her job.  I'm assuming we'll be sharing a bed and that she'll try to snuggle up on me like she did when we ran the Heart & Sole Women's Five Miler in Columbia, SC.  HA!!


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