Wednesday, August 24, 2011

400m Repeats

16x400m at 75-77 with 1:00 jog

3 miles warmup
12x400m at 74-77 with 1:00 jog
3.2 miles cool down

This a fairly delayed post because it's been a pretty busy week with work and errands.  I did this workout  just two days after my 13.1 Minneapolis race, and my legs were not cooperating.  I felt heavy and lethargic and could feel the lactic acid build up in my hamstrings after only 3 intervals.  Fortunately I had the company of Thomas, David, and Aaron to pull me along.  Had I been alone I probably would have walked right off the JCSU track and headed straight to the cemetery instead.  To run slow, of course.

There really isn't much to report except that I was able to maintain a decent speed with little rest for 12 intervals.  Mission accomplished, and time to move on to the long run for the weekend.  Next time I'll probably just do minters as my first workout after a half marathon.


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