Sunday, August 28, 2011

Week in Review

~72 Miles
16 mile long run
2 Doubles
1 Wedding

Well, just one week after a half marathon PR in Minneapolis, I was able to still post a respectable mileage for this week, even with only a 5 mile run today!  The first five days of the week, I trudged through runs and felt terrible on each one.  I finally started to feel good again on Saturday as I enjoyed a long run with M-squared (Meagan and Megan).  Sunday only got better as I ran around the Booty Loop with Jordan and Brad and felt great.  I stopped after 5 miles and figured I would let myself get ready for next week.  Next week I've got two solid workouts - 8x1000m and 3x2miles - and an 18 mile long run.   To top it all off, my bestie in NYC is coming down for a wedding!  Should be a fun-filled week as we celebrated Jay and Lauren's new life together!


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