Sunday, August 14, 2011

Week in Review

~72 Miles
2 workouts
13.1 mile long run
3 Days in Michigan

What a fun week!  Great workout Tuesday, terrible workout Thursday, fun, solo long run Sunday...definitely a roller coaster!  Continuing my jet-setting trend, this week I was able to fit my running schedule into my travel schedule as I flew to Detroit early Friday morning for my cousin Michelle's wedding.  Jordan was kind enough to even run with me at 5:30AM and then drive me to the airport.  Once in Michigan, I reunited with so many of my family members, watched my cousin say her wedding vows, and danced the night away with my Tuveson cousins and family.  The dancing must have warmed my legs up for the next morning when I ran 13.1 miles as my last long run before the half next weekend.  On the second half, I picked it up to 620-640 pace just for fun and felt great.  It broke up the monotony to do a steady state run all on my own and made the time go by faster on the River Trail that snaked through Michigan State's campus and the city of East Lansing.

The highlight of the week was definitely playing with my second cousins at their house on Friday and Sunday!  Daphne, Sophia, and Veronica were all so adorable and cuddly.   After playing hide and go seek and Tickle Monster, I had to get out my mom's iPad with children's games on it to take a break from running around the house.  I can't upload pictures yet as I'm still in Michigan but I'll get them up here eventually. 

I should also note that the Trials are exactly five months from this date!  Every thing that I do now is all a part of the journey!


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