Tuesday, September 27, 2011

4xMile Repeats

5xmile repeats with 2:30 rest at 5:28-5:33


32 min warmup for 4 miles

546 (230)
538 (230)
543 (235)
538 (230)

2.75 miles cool down for 11 miles total

I headed out to do this workout in the evening, which a change in my normal schedule.  Essentially I decided I didn't want to do this workout in the dark and recruited Matt to run with me.  My legs are feeling the effects of 80+ miles from last week so I knew that it would be difficult for me to hit my target times, especially since I would be on the Dilworth Speed Loop instead of a track.  For this route, we did the 2-mile speed loop, so miles 1 and 3 were on the same course and mile 2 and 4 were on the same course. Miles 1 and 3 were uphill and miles 2 and 4 were flat, with a slight downhill in the last 200 meters. 

On the warmup, I felt terrible so I was actually quite pleased to run a sub 5:50 on the first one, especially with the uphill portion that characterizes the first half of the interval.  Fortunately I was able to get my paces under 5:40 for the rest of the intervals and then I called it a day after 4.  I've got the 3 mile repeats workout on Friday and I need to mentally prepare for that.

Garrett biked along with Matt and I.  It was very helpful because Matt didn't do the last repeat with me and Garrett provided that extra motivation that I needed to maintain my speed.  He could tell I was hurting and afterwards I told him, "I'm dead." and he replied, "I know....want some water?"  That's what I call awesome.


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