Sunday, September 18, 2011

Week in Review

80.5 Miles
19 Mile Long run with 3 miles at 635 pace
5 Mile Tempo
2 Doubles
6 days in Illinois

Wahoo, I hit my mileage target for the week even though I was in my hometown, without my standard Charlotte running pals.  I only ran two workouts this week, but felt great on practically every run so I feel like everything is really starting to fall into place.  I guess I'll really put everything to the test when I'm at the Army Ten Miler in a couple of weeks with Meagan.  After putting in hours on the computer for BofA, I would run in the afternoon either by myself or with the SIU girls.  I had the honor of joining them for their long run and then adding on additional miles since I'm a marathoner and they are collegiate runners aiming for a 6k cross country race.  I enjoyed my time visiting with my parents and Garrett.  Garrett and I came back to Charlotte with six watermelons, a quart of peppers, a pint of tomatoes, and bags of homemade snacks courteous of my mom.  All in all, life is good.  Running is good. Family is great!


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