Sunday, March 2, 2014

Week in Review

55 Miles
10k race in 34:56, 4th place, $300
6 Runs
1 Day Off
1 Bum Knee

A lot happened this week.  Garrett decided that out of the three schools he got into that Duke Physical Therapy was the right fit for him.  This means that on July 1, we will be relocating to Durham to be close to the Duke campus as Garrett pursues his DPT for three years there.  I will keep my job at Bank of America, but work remotely from my house and come into the office every couple of days.  In my spare time, I’ve been doing my Duke MBA pre-homework and also looking up houses to rent in Durham.

Between all of that, after a great workout on Tuesday and an easy run on Wednesday night with Jordan, my knee randomly started hurting.  I went out to eat at Bad Daddy’s with Jordan and the Wilmore crew, and when I got up from the booth, the top of my knee was throbbing with pain when I stood up, went down stairs, or sat down.  The next day, Thursday, I felt it with every step I took at work, so I iced the heck out of it and hoped that I had just hit it on a chair and was not an overuse injury.  Fortunately, Friday came along and I was able to run without any feeling of the knee whatsoever, so I knew that the 10k race plan in Greenville, SC with my crew was still on.

On Saturday, Laurie, Eric and I all drove to Greenville for the Reedy River 10k, where we eventually met Aaron, Dalena and Michelle who were also racing with us.  Long story short, Laurie, Eric and I ran together through 4.75 miles (along with a Clemson girl who had two male escorts).  By 4.75 miles, Laurie fell off a bit, and by 5 miles, I fell off the Clemson girl while Eric charged ahead of all of us to destroy the entirely uphill 6th mile.  I finished in 34:56, which is the exact same time I ran in October at the HFFA 10k race with John.  Charlotte swept 5 of the top 7 prize money spots.  Pezz was 1st, I was 4th, Laurie 5th, Dalena 6th, and Michelle 7th.  We all left with money in our pocket and most of us had PRs or were really close to them.

Sunday was highlighted with the runners’ sunday brunch at Eric’s house.  Since I’ve got four more months left in this city that I’ve come to call home, I’ve vowed to spend as much time with my close friends as possible...hence why I started the runners’s brunch.  Plus, I do love anything that has to do with food.


Claudin Mangum said...

congrats on the impending move! durham still seems to be a world apart from raleigh, but despite that, hope to bump into you for a run!

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