Wednesday, March 5, 2014

4 x 2 Miles on DSL

4x2 Miles @ 6:00-5:50 with 2:00 jog rest...Stick with 6:00 to ensure you can hit 4 repeats

3+ miles warmup
4x2 miles with 2:00 rest 8M total in 46:43
600 / 556 (11:56) 1:59 rest
552 / 552 (11:44) 2:06 rest
548 / 547 (11:35) 2:01 rest
544 / 544 (11:28)
2.4 miles cool down for ~14 miles total

This is exactly the workout I needed to boost my confidence.  Considering that just four weeks ago, I struggled to hit 555s for three repeats, running the same workout but with an addition rep seemed almost impossible to me.  I’ve been battling a cold and just ran a good 10k on Saturday, so I felt like the odds were not in my favor.  However, in the early pre-dawn hours, Eric and I hit the Dilworth Speed Loop and surprised each other.  Running side by side down Worthington and Tremont Avenues, we found a rhythm that helped push the other along and bested our own expectations.  Before the third set, I told Eric that I wanted to slow it up in the beginning.  We did, but after 600 meters, I knew I felt good so I kept rolling the pace to drop it down.  I was not glancing at my watch, but Eric dropped back and said “we are too fast” and I said “okay” and kept rolling.  When we came through our mile split in 5:48, he told me “remember now that I warned you to slow down.”  When we finished that one, we both put it out in the open that sometimes our workout strategies make it difficult for the other.  I like going on feel and ignoring my watch (and sometimes my own workout time goals) whereas he likes to conserve energy and check his garmin constantly and wait to open up until the last interval.

After we got that out there, we agreed to try to hit the same pace for the fourth and final set. We came in a hair faster through the mile and then Eric really opened up on the last mile to beast out a 5:3x mile while I came in perfectly even.

I’m thrilled about this workout and where it indicates my fitness lies.  The times weren’t blazing fast, but I wasn’t uncomfortable until maybe the last mile.  Even so, I was completely relaxed and never felt like I was completely ruining my body.  It’s great to see that things are finally coming together after a long break over Christmas.


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