Tuesday, February 4, 2014

3x2 Miles on DSL

3-4x2 Miles @ 550-555 on the first 3 intervals (548s would be acceptable, but no 545s) with 2:00 rest. Assuming you are feeling strong and up for a 4th interval, that one can either remain in same target range or else you can push it more like 10k effort.

3.4 mile warmup
3x2 Miles @ 
555, 551 (201)
550, 557 200)
554, 557
2.3 mile cool down for 12 miles total

So this definitely wasn't what I wanted out of this workout, but I'll take it.  I knew getting out of bed at 5:15am that this was going to be a doozy.  My legs felt tired, but I knew the work needed to get done.  I met Phil and Eric at the speed loop and after a couple more laps of warmup, we headed to our start line, ready to attack the Dilworth 2 Mile Speed Loop.  After the first mile, 5:55 pace felt more like 5:35 pace, and I knew it would be a struggle to just get three sets done.  However, I knew I would not walk away without completing at least three.

The funniest part about this workout is that we all felt so bad that the three of us didn't even run in a pack.  Phil was about five meters in front of me and I was about five meters in front of Eric.  I was so tired that I didn't even have the motivation to put in a couple quicker steps to catch up to Phil.  Regardless, once we finished, Eric and I looked at each and both said, "well, that was terrible."  And with that, we cooled down and put the workout behind us.


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