Friday, February 7, 2014

12x400m at JCSU

2x(4-6x400m) @ 80 for 1st set and faster for 2nd set with 200m rest faster than 75s

2.5M warmup
6x400m @ 79 (60), 81 (59), 77 (65), 78 (62), 79 (59), 80
600m jog rest b/w sets in 3:27
6x400m @ 78 (61), 79 (65), 79 (70), 78 (66), 77 (66), 76
2.5M+ cool down for ~10 miles total

Not much to report here today.  I ran to JSCU with Phil and Paul and completed a couple ovals on the track.  With Phil's help, I hit all the prescribed times and didn't feel too bad doing it.  In fact, I felt 100 times better than I did on Tuesday for my two mile repeats.  This comes as a surprise because on both Wednesday and Thursday I left work at 4PM because I was so ridiculously tired that I took 90 minute naps both days until 6PM.  Today I didn't have that overwhelming exhaustion when I jumped out of bed and had a fun time running at the blue track.  This was my first time doing two workouts in one week in a very, very long time, so I'm interested in seeing how my body will recover from this next week.


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