Tuesday, February 11, 2014

5x2K w/ 90s Rest

5x2K @ 5:50 with 90s jog rest

4 miles warmup
5x2k w/ 90s jog at:
715, 718, 710, 728, 720 (with rest got in 7 miles in 42:40)
3 mile cool down for 14 miles total

Had a huge crew for this one at 5:20AM: Laurie, Eric, Billy, and Phil.  We knew about the snowstorm that was supposed to hit so we got knocked this one out early before the snow started falling. I felt good on the first three and hung with the group, even though the pace was faster than what I wanted to be running. I paid the price for the faster pace on the 4th one and slipped into the 6:00 range instead of 5:50, but somehow was able to pull myself back together on the 5th and final repeat.  Billy and Laurie were way ahead of me on the 4th and 5th, but fortunately, I had Eric in front of me as motivation to catch.  I wasn't entirely pleased with this workout, but I was happy that I didn't give up when that was really the only thing I wanted to do during the 4th one.  I haven't a workout quite yet where I was really thrilled with the outcome, but I know it will come soon.  In the end, I have to be pretty thrilled about running 7 miles total in about 6:05 pace.


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