Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week in Review

71 Miles
16M LR with 8M @ 6:21 ave
0 Doubles
2 Lift Days

This week was the first one back with a regular schedule provided by Coach T-Bone. I was really excited (and nervous) to put my fitness through the wringer this week.  Somehow, I came out hitting all the goals, but was surprised about doing so.  On my Saturday long run, I felt fatigued during the easy five mile warmup, but then somehow was able to pick up the pace from 630 all the way down to 603 at the end.  It helped tremendously that Billy, Eric and Laurie were all there to help share some of the workload.

While the past two weeks have been blanketed with the polar vortex' freezing temperatures, Sunday was finally a nice respite from the cold.  A balmy 65 degrees greeted us as we set out for a 10 miler at 10AM.  The morning was topped off with some homemade blueberry pancakes and scrambled eggs with my running buddies.  I'm not really into the Super Bowl, so it was a great way to hang out with friends in a way that did not involve sitting around a TV watching football.  Later, the Wilmore clan (including Michelle) biked to buy some snacks and then enjoyed them in an impromptu picnic at Freedom Park.  It made me excited about spring, but I know that it's probably a long way off and that cold and rainy days are ahead.


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