Wednesday, January 29, 2014

8x1000m on DSL

8x1000m with 50s-60s rest w/ 1st 5 @ 3:38-3:39 (550 per mile pace), next 3 @ 3:33-3:34 (543 per mile), optional 1-2 more at any pace you like. With option to increase rest over 60s

4 mile warmup
8x1000m all with 60s jog rest in 331, 336, 331, 333, 335, 330, 330, 328
2.1 mile cool down for 12 miles total

A combination of things forced me to do this workout in the afternoon instead of Wednesday morning.  First, another polar vortex blew in one inch of snow along with bitterly cold temps (10 degrees), so it was probably slick out on the roads.  Sure enough, in the morning on my walk to the bus stop, my entire road was covered in ice.  The main roads were fine, but the side roads definitely were not maintained. So, I crossed my fingers that the sun would melt some of the ice to slush.  Over lunch break, I did a drive by of the speed loop and it looked clear enough, so I informed the forces that we were a go for a 4:30 workout start from my house.  Michelle, Danielle, Chad, Laurie, Caleb and Eric all showed up at the speed loop for some fun.

On the 1000m Speed Loop, there was one patch of ice as we turned onto East Blvd, so we decided to cut out into the bike lane instead of the sidewalk.  I was glad I had my Garmin programmed because it was much easier to tell where to stop as we avoided some minor patches of ice at both the start and finish.  Then we just jogged briskly back to the start line and repeated eight times.  For the first one, Laurie, Caleb, Eric and I all got out to a fast start and then we had to pull ourselves back to hit the prescribed paces.  We were talking through the first five intervals and then by the time that the 6th one came, we were all suddenly quiet, except for Laurie who has an uncanny ability to speak during any type of workout.  My legs were a little tired after the 7th one, but I just figured it was because of the race.  I'm definitely pleased with the workout and it's always nice to hit times faster than what your coach told you to do.


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