Sunday, January 19, 2014

Week in Review

60 Miles
11 mile MLR
15 miles LR with some uptempo
2 Lift Days
0 Off Days
0 Doubles

So, I'm still running only 60 miles a week right now.   Unlike Meagan, who ran 80 miles while on the road and in the crappy weather that New England brings every winter, I don't even have any reasons not to run more miles.  I've been slow to get my real training underway, but that was on purpose.  I like running lower mileage for the first part of the winter, when I get a thicker layer of fat to keep me insulated from the cold and I run more in the evening than in the morning.  While I've enjoyed not doing workouts and sleeping in more often than not, I know that this will be the last week of such a delightful break from serious training.  Starting next week, I'll begin doing workouts and even racing.  The 3rd Annual Charlotte Running Club Winter Classic 8k is taking place next Sunday and I am using it as a rust buster race to get into shape. 

Also, looking ahead, I am hoping to run some of the races in NC USATF LDR Series


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