Sunday, January 12, 2014

Week in Review

56 Miles
6 Runs
14 Miles Long Run
1 Day Off
1 Day Lifting

Returning to the office after a three week hiatus with a nasty head cold wasn't a fun combination.  It was hard to adjust to the "new" schedule and while I had vowed that I would run every day in the morning, that really didn't happen...except for on the coldest day of the winter, when I rolled out of bed with a strong sense of purpose.  Other than that, I slept in, felt (and looked) tired all day and repeated the cycle. I'm attributing my lack of motivation to the return to a routine that now seems so foreign to me, but am confident that next week I'll get right back on track. I'm fortunate that North Carolina hasn't been plagued with the same storms as the Northeast or Midwest.  My mileage continues to be low and will until after the CRC Winter Classic 8k because, well, why the hell not?


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