Sunday, February 16, 2014

Week in Review

77 miles
1 Workout
16.5M LR
2 Lift Days
2 Snow Runs

Even though nine inches of snow poured through Charlotte on Wednesday and Thursday, I was able to maintain my target mileage for this week.  I snuck in 14 miles on Tuesday as part of my workout, and then got in about 12 miles with Eric on Wednesday morning before the blizzard started.  While it was exciting to get this much snow and was a treat to run in the pretty snow on Thursday, by Friday I was over it.  I was sick of fretting about how it would impact my training schedule for the rest of week and dreaded the thought of having to do a treadmill long run.  Just as quickly as the snow came, it melted away with temps reaching the mid-40s on Thursday afternoon and the mid-50s on Friday.  The weekend was rather nice, except for the sloppy, dirty streets with gritty snow melting away in the storm drains.  With about 18 other people, I knocked out my long run Saturday on the mostly clear roads of uptown and Dilworth before calling it a day at 16.5 miles.  It actually felt rather effortless knocking out over 75 miles for the first time in months.  Clearly, my body is getting used to the mileage.
On Thursday, during the snowfall.

Cicero enjoyed watching the snow fall

Garrett and Nick used the extra time to do yoga together


lucinda smith said...

that picture of cicero is amazing. well done. iphone?

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