Sunday, February 23, 2014

Week in Review

77 Miles
8 Runs
0 Days off
2 Workouts
1 Long Run w. Tempo
1 Big Decision

This was one of those weeks where I just felt really exhausted on most runs.  I got in all of the workouts, but I really only felt really happy about half of them.  Running is always an escape for me to gather my thoughts, but was particularly so this week.  Garrett got into the Duke Physical Therapy program and we have both been weighing the pros and cons of attending Duke versus East Carolina University. Obviously Duke comes with a much higher price tag, but it was the school that Garrett walked away from feeling like it was the perfect fit for him.  If he goes to Duke, it means that we would move to Durham to start a life there together.  I am very fortunate to have a company like Bank of America that will support me from a remote location.  However, I love spending time with all of my co-workers so I would try to come to Charlotte once a week (perhaps on Monday and Tuesday) and stay with friends before heading into the office.  Also, this would allow me to run with some of my Charlotte friends semi-regularly while maintaining important face time in the office.  The decision will be made early next week and I know that we will be just fine with whatever Garrett chooses.


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