Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Evening workout on the DSL

1.5M @ 5:50 pace, 2-2:30 rest, 4x800m @ 2:50, :47, :43, :40, 1.5M @ 5:50 pace

3.8 miles warmup
1.5M in 5:44, 2:51 (2:20 rest)
4x800m in 249, 247, 244, 240 with 1:54-2:20 jog rest
1.5M in 5:49, 2:54
2.3M cool down for 12+ miles

This workout was done on the speed loop at 6PM with Phil, Caleb, Michelle, Dalena, Sommer and Tim.  However, each of us did a different workout, so I really only had company on the first section of this workout.  It felt neither hard nor easy, so basically I was never comfortable.  I blame this on the unnecessary heat (75+ degrees) and the late time in the evening.  I’m not used to working out in the evening and while it is nice to sleep in every now and then, my body just is accustomed to doing workouts in the evening anymore.  I didn’t particularly enjoy the last 1.5 mile segment by myself, but I got in the work and finished on an uphill, so I was happy to still hit the times that Terry had prescribed. In general, this whole week my legs have felt really heavy, so I’m hoping that they feel much lighter come this weekend for the Tobacco Road Half.  Quite candidly, I am going into this half with very little mental training and I’m hoping that I can run it as a semi tempo effort and still place in the top 2 for either $750 or $600.


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