Sunday, August 4, 2013

Week in Review

73 Miles
5x1000m @ 3:22 ave
5k Race in 16:46
13 Mile Long Run
9 Runs
1 Mini-Lift Session

For the second week in a row, I broke the 70-mile mark and felt great doing it.  The week was highlighted by my second straight sub-17:00 5k performance on Saturday night, which did confirm that the China Grove 16:36 5k was indeed not a fluke. I am truly strong (or fast) enough right now to run sub-17:00 consistently!  I haven't been at a place like this since my college days, so I undoubtedly am extremely excited about what this means about the other distances I race in the future.  Despite getting a bit too excited in the first mile--where I sprinted out to intimidate the other female racers to blaze through a 5:11--I was able to keep a steady pace for the second and third miles (5:30 for both) to come in at 16:46. This was just ten seconds off my China Grove time and 57 seconds under the previous course record.  Walking away with a check for $500 was the icing on the cake.  I'm really encouraged by these latest developments in my 5k times and I am motivated to get in a good track meet to see if I can break my collegiate PR.

Taking a look back in time, this week last year I was returning from my trip to London to watch the Olympics.  I was also in the middle of hitting 100-mile weeks and feeling like total crap doing it.  The reduction in mileage this year has resulted in more energetic legs but also faster 5k times.  I'm pleased with where my training is headed and excited to get my new plan from Terry.  


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