Sunday, August 11, 2013

(Sick) Week in Review

60 Miles
16 Mile Long Run
0 Workouts
8 Runs
1 Day off
2 Days in Asheville

Well, I got a stomach virus for the first time in 10+ years this week.  I came into the week with high hopes of nailing my first workout provided by my new coach, Terry Shea and, instead, I lay in bed doing absolutely nothing.  It all started in the middle of the night on Tuesday.  I took after my cat and channeled my inner nocturnal tendencies--namely highly developed senses of hearing and smell.  My hearing was exceptionally acute to the rumblings of my stomach and, later, my sense of smell was keen on remembering the particularly putrid scent of my vomit.  While the greater part of the night was spent with my head looking down in my toilet bowl (which, by the way, I had considered that dinner of  black beans, rice, mushrooms and broccoli to be very delicious until that very moment when it all stared right back up at me), the greater part of Wednesday was literally spent all day in bed as life's basic activities such as eating were put to the wayside.  I would count showering as a basic life activity but, let's be honest, we all know that showering is one of my lower priorities.  In the span of 24 hours, I consumed seven Saltine crackers, drank 96 ounces of sparkling water and took two 3-hour naps.  Oddly enough, my stomach never growled for food.  I listened to the signs from my body and didn't protest the lack of food.  I began to feel a small semblance of "normal" late Wednesday evening, at which time I courageously ate a cup of rice.

The rest of the week was spent mustering the courage to eat normal, fibrous foods again and trying, albeit not finding,  the strength to get my normal schedule back.  My body felt tired, weak and achy and runs were absolutely dreadful.  Earlier in the week, I had planned a trip to Ashevillefor Saturday and Sunday, but by Friday, I still didn't know for sure if I could go.  Fortunately, I began to feel normal again on Saturday, and after a long run that was fine enough, I hopped in the car with my Wilmore crew to meet up with Thomas and Michelle in Asheville.

I consumed enough yummy food this weekend to make up for the deficit of calories from earlier in the week and returned home tonight feeling fulfilled and fully recovered (oh, and without a wallet, which I lost somehow this morning...for all I know, it could be in a ditch off the Blue Ridge Parkway).  One thing for sure is that next week can only be better than this one!   Round 2 of the first week of half marathon training starts tomorrow and it is going to be a success!


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