Tuesday, August 13, 2013

5xMile on the Speed Loop

4-6xmile @ 5:55 with 1:00 jog rest

3.6 miles warm-up to Dilworth Speed Loop
5:56 (1:00 jog - .1mile)
5:56 (1:00 jog - .1mile)
5:54 (1:00 jog - .1 mile)
5:55 (1:45 jog /water / pee break - .1 mile + stop)
~ 2 miles Cool down for 11 Miles total

After a 5:08AM alarm, I was alert and mentally ready for my workout literally one minute after I hopped out of bed.  I just hoped that my legs would respond in the same way that my mind wanted them to.  By 5:30, I was out the door for a longer warmup before meeting Eric on the Speed Loop at 6.  Of course, my legs felt sluggish and heavy on the warmup, which carried over into the first interval.  We started out pretty slow in the first 800m (~6:10 pace), but I knew that I would make up ground on the downhill on Lexington.  I felt best on the second interval but basically survived for the third and fourth.  At that point, I was utterly convinced that I was done for the day.  Even Eric  was so convinced  I was done that he left to go do some 400m repeats.  There I stood, in an RBC Bank parking lot, contemplating how I only did 4 intervals while sipping on cold water.  After Eric took off, I secretly decided to do another interval so that I wouldn't feel like such a wimp.  I created my own route and didn't look at my watch and just ran.  This ended up being my fastest one for the day, but I cheated a little because I had an extended rest period in between with lots of water. 

In assessing this workout, my paces were most likely all over the place during each interval as I would start out slow before letting a trigger go off in my mind.  "Get it together, Caitlin Work hard, push the pace."   I'm not sure if it was the voice inside my head or Eric's actual voice that pushed me below 6:00 for each mile.  Regardless, I am pleased with my resilience and determination to hit my targets, but annoyed at how hard the workout felt.  It could be due to a lack of fitness.  It could be due to being sick last week.  Or, it could just due to the 100% humidity in the air.  It's clear that I just need to put in the work and be patient because I still have just under 8 weeks until the half in DC, which is plenty of time to get strong for the longer distances.     


mfranks said...

I love that I can read your blog and know that your REAL. Some days we just don't feel like it! Good luck with the half/full this fall.
Any baby plans yet????

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