Wednesday, August 21, 2013

10x1000M with 1:00 Rest

8-10x1000m @ 5:45-5:48 average (3:34-3:36) with 1:00-1:10 jog rest

3.1 mile warmup
10x1000M @ 5:44 average (3:34/km) with 1:00-1:20 jog rest
1.5 mile cool down for 12 miles total

3:37 (1:00)
3:34 (1:20 - water)
3:29 (1:03)
3:33 (1:04)
3:35 (1:19 - water)
3:34 (1:00)
3:39 (1:10 - fell asleep)
3:33 (:59)
3:36 (1:03)

As always, this run took place before sunrise, as both Laurie and I departed our houses and met halfway on East Blvd. Typically, our pace increase 60+ seconds from low 8:00s to low 7:00s once our paths meet, but this morning was different.  With an unspoken agreement, the looming monster of a workout prevented our legs from going any faster for the warmup.  Perhaps the humidity played a role as well because it was definitely sticky out there--Laurie even stated matter-of-factly: "Today, it's 100% humidity."  I wasn't particularly thrilled when the warmup ended and inevitably the workout had to start. When it did, we started out perfectly on pace.  Then, of course, we got a little excited and ran the fastest interval of the day on #3.  I hoped it wouldn't ruin the rest of the workout for me.  The 1000m speed loop proved to be a perfect location for this because the finish line was exactly a 55 second (brisk) jog back to the start line.  I averaged around 6:05-6:25 pace for the miles with the rest included, so that indicates how truly fast the rest was.

After the 5th, Laurie headed home and the rest of the workout was left up to me.  I should note that finishing a workout of this magnitude never happens for me. Sure, I can run 16x400m all day, but anything over 800m in distance and over eight repeats in duration...typically I wimp out after six. Perhaps in the past, I was too aggressive on the pacing, so I reminded myself of this fact throughout. 

Indeed, today truly was different.  I found an inner resolve (that's definitely not normally present) to complete this workout, no matter what.  Doing eight repeats?  Not even an option--only ten!  That little voice inside my head that I talked about last week?  Gone. 

The only thing that didn't go right happened when I fell asleep on #6, which just turned on another switch in my brain to push harder.  I focused on running fast without straining and knew, even when it started to hurt the most--around the 9th one--that I was going to finish this. This workout was definitely tough to mentally force myself to stay on pace, but it wasn't tough from a "Will I finish it?" perspective. 

It's this type of workout that will make me mentally stronger during miles 7-10 in a half marathon.  It was almost a good thing that Laurie left halfway through because it forced me to find the ability to dig deep out of my own volition.   Only positive feelings came out of this workout, which is yet another sign that I'm moving in the right direction. 

Next up:  OrthoCarolina 10k


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