Sunday, August 25, 2013

Week in Review

76 Miles
16.7 mile long run
7 Runs
0 Doubles
2 Core Sessions (unloading week)
10x1000m @ 3:34 average
10k race in 37:12

On paper, this was a pretty tough week with a long workout on Wednesday morning, a race on Saturday and a semi long run on Sunday.  Oddly enough, I felt good for six out of the seven runs this week!  The worst day was my 10k race at the OrthoCarolina Classic.  I just didn't have it in my legs to go as fast as I would have liked (was aiming for around 36:30), indicating that Wednesday's workout must have taken more out of my legs than expected. I forgot how hilly this course was and how there's never really a chance to recover from the previous hill before another one appears.  I had two mile splits that were over 6:00 pace, which really threw my time over 37:00, but all my other splits were 5:45-5:55 which is good considering the terrain. Today's long run was absolutely wonderful as the temperature has cooled down significantly.  In fact, this entire month of August has felt more like September, but I'm definitely not complaining!

For the rest of the day today, I plan on waiting anxiously for the results of the Quebec City Marathon (there is no runner tracking sadly).  John, Matt, Nick and Joey are all racing to get a Boston qualifier.  I helped create John's 8-week plan leading up to the race, and I just want him to come out of his debut marathon with a positive relationship with the distance.


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