Sunday, March 10, 2013

Week in Review

67 Miles
7 Runs
15 Mile Long Run
Mile Repeats
2 Weight Sessions

Not much to report here except that I managed to run my target mileage even after getting assigned to a new team at the Bank.  My long run on Saturday with Caleb, Laurie and Aaron was especially enjoyable, at a should-be-expected faster than normal pace.   Laurie's little legs tend to shuffle very quickly and I merely follow in her lead.  None of my attention was focused on the pace, so it was a solid long run that went by without much thought.

On Saturday night,  the lights were off at our house at joke.  I welcomed the time change with 11+ hours of sleep.  Garrett and I ended our weekend by getting up early enough to enjoy a breakfast at Terrace Cafe in SouthPark, which definitely lives up to its award for Best Breakfast in the QC.  I enjoyed a lemon waffle with lemon drizzle and a YMCA-approved egg white veggie omelette.

Coming up next week, I've got another solid week of training around 65-70 miles and then an 8k in Kinston.  I'm hoping to improve upon the time that I ran 7 weeks ago at the CRC Winter Classic 8k.


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