Sunday, March 3, 2013

(Down) Week in Review

53 Miles
6 Runs
1 Day Off
0 Lift Sessions
16 Mile Long Run w/ 4 mile Tempo

After 4 weeks at an average of 60 miles, it was time for a down week! It wasn't much of a down week (oops), but that is mainly due to the fact that I did a long run instead of running a race.  I took a day off because I worked 12 hours on Tuesday, so that helped keep my mileage low.  I'm following the philosophy of, if you feel like taking a day off, then take it off!  It's helping me maintain my mental sanity and also keeping my passion for running consistent.  We all know that it's easy to get caught up in overtraining, where running just takes over your life in a bad way, both physically and mentally. I think that this new philosophy will help me stay away from symptoms of overtraining!

Overall, I'm confident in where I'm at in my fitness and excited to start the racing season! I've got the Run for the River 8k on March 23 and then three different races in April.  I am really looking forward to the NC USATF 8k Championships located in Greensboro because they are giving Garrett and I a hotel room and Garrett gets a massage from our favorite Joel Tull!  I just need to put in a couple more weeks of solid training and I'll be poised to do well in the spring races.


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