Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Breaking the Funk!

So what's a better way to get out of a funk than to visit two of your best friends / former running partners / owners of your second favorite kitty?  There isn't a better way!!  That's right, I just booked a ticket to go to Boston for a quick weekend getaway to visit Meagan and Jordan!  Well, it will be a quick trip if Boston isn't slammed with three feet of snow in the middle of November.  I'll bring my work laptop just in case I get stuck in some unforeseen New England blizzard.  
I'm trading a weekend with my boyfriend in Charlotte for a weekend with Meagan and Jordan in Marblehead.  I'll pretend like I'm their surrogate child, tag along for runs, and eat at lots of yummy restaurants. I'm secretly hoping we'll play Scrabble!!  Most importantly, Meagan I will reminisce about our glory days - like 13.1 Minneapolis and the Heart and Sole Women's 5 Miler. 


mrn said...

i didn't realize you were missing out on seeing garrett in charlotte! now i feel bad...but not bad enough to tell you to change your mind. =) can't wait to run and eat and hang out together!

mrn said...

oh and btw the high today is 66 so unless something crazy happens (knock on wood), i think you'll miss any winter weather.

caitchris said...

whatever, i practically lived with him the entire month of october so he can cope!!! i'm pumped.

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