Sunday, November 20, 2011

Week in Review

86 Miles
19+ Mile Long Run
2 Doubles
3 Trips to the Chiro
2 Dance Lessons
3 Runs with Jordan and Meagan

After two weeks of 55 Miles, I am pleased to say that I ran 86 miles, which would tie for my highest ever mileage.  It was actually quite easy to hit this mileage since I was with Jordan and Meagan for the weekend and I could have easily put the mileage at 90 if I had joined the Kinlos for a double on Friday evening.  Not surprisingly, we were in bed before 11pm on both Friday and Saturday nights.  I'm not embarassed to mention this because it's acceptable to go to bed early if you have low iron.  Admittedly, this isn't even an acceptable excuse for my early bedtime because even when the iron is normal, I go to bed before 10. 

On Saturday, Jordan drove us to Providence where I was the stranger who attended the engagement party for one of Jordan's college teammates.  The party was pretty fun and I enjoyed learning more about Jordan's college days from his former teammates.  I also ate a piece of a giant red veltet cupcake that was absolutely delicious.  Fortunately for me, Meagan started to get really tired around 10PM and we both snuck upstairs to fall asleep before the party began to get really crazy.

On Sunday, Kim ran with us for 43 minutes before calling it day and left Jordan to lead the way.  We ran through the Brown campus and downtown Providence.  I didn't tell Jordan this, but Wake Forest's campus is much prettier than Brown's campus.  Brown is an urban campus filled with busy asphalt streets whereas Wake Forest is a landscaper's dream filled with finely manicured bushes and colorful flower beds.  I still would go to Brown if I got in for grad school, though.   Anyways, the long run was practically unbearable and Meagan and I couldn't wait for the run to be over pretty much the entire time we were running.  To make matters worse, we ended a little bit early so we had to add on close to Kim's house.  Needless to say, I'm glad I was able to log over 35 miles with Meagan this weekend.

Next week I'm going to continue to push my oxygen stores to their limit by running some more workouts.  They probably won't go as well as I would hope, but they'll keep me feeling fit once everything gets back in order.   I will spend Thanksgiving in Greenville, NC and will have Garrett to bike with me for most of my runs.  This week will be about enjoying time with family and filling my belly with food so that I can run it off in my training for the Trials!


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