Sunday, November 29, 2015

Week in Review

0 Miles
2 Lift Days
21 Miles hiked
2 days in Monterey, CA
5 days with Garrett
10 days off in October
15 days off in November

I may not be logging miles on the road, but I did log a solid 20 mile hike this week at Big Sur. Sure, Coach probably sighed to himself, wondering how I could hike up 3000 feet in elevation gain and then 2800 feet on the way back but not run 4 miles on flat pavement.  Somehow, my achilles held up quite nicely.  Of course I felt it, but I wasn't going to say no to a hike the day before Thanksgiving with my brother and my husband. I've made choices in the past to pass up on other things because of running, but today was not that day.  On Tuesday, Joey, Garrett and I headed over to Monterey.  We checked out the aquarium on Tuesday and then hiked to the Sykes Hot Springs on Wednesday.  I was so sore from the hike immediately afterwards, probably because I'm not conditioned to be running 20 miles right now, let along walking 20 miles!  To be safe, I did pass up on a possible hike at Big Basin north of Santa Cruz because my hamstrings were just too tight.  I'm pretty sure Garrett was super bummed, but he understood that I didn't want to risk tearing my achilles or something crazy.  I still would like to at least try to finish the Olympic Trials in a couple of months!

Then, we enjoyed a nice vegan Thanksgiving meal at my house in mountain view.  It was super chill and relaxed, and I was so happy that I got to spend it with not only Garrett, but with Joey too!  I said goodbye to my guests on Friday, which really just made me miss Garrett a lot more and kind of question what the hell I'm doing by living on the opposite coast of my husband.  I was doing so good at just being the badass wife who was being so strong being so far away from her best friend, but saying bye to him on Friday and reflecting on how much fun we had was definitely tough.  I'm almost done with my MBA, so after I finish those classes up in the next couple of weeks, I'll need to find something else to really keep my mind off of how awesome Garrett is and how much I'm potentially missing out on by not being in Durham!
Having G in California was just what I needed


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