Sunday, November 22, 2015

Week in Review

10 miles
2 runs
5 days off
24 hours in Boston
2 Lift Days

In an effort to accelerate my comeback as much as possible, I had a 90 minute massage with Josh at SMI on Tuesday.  I noticed as the week progressed that what I thought was an achilles injury, actually felt very much like a peroneal injury.  Josh spent a solid 30 minutes on the area, and I was definitely sore from the body work afterwards, which is just what I needed.  However, after I attempted a run again on Friday and then again on Saturday, the creaky sensation in my achilles came back.  My achilles feels like the entire sheath doesn't want to move.  Honestly, the whole thing is quite puzzling because I feel my peroneal when I walk around or when I massage it, but then when I run, the pain is centered around the achilles.  Ironically, I've never really gotten injured on the right side, so I'm guessing that since I'm approaching 30, my body decided to switch it up on me and go get injured on the other side.  :)

On the bright side, Garrett and I were reunited today, and he was able to do some functional movement screen tests on me to see what weaknesses could be causing the issue.  My very own physical therapist in training discovered that my right side is weaker than my left and added two new activities to my lifting regime.  Ironically enough, he said my squat, ankle mobility and other things have improved dramatically and that I'm really strong where I used to be weak.  I retorted back quite quickly "And yet I'm still injured..."


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