Sunday, November 8, 2015

Week in Review

43 miles
8 mile "long run"
0 days off
1 Massage
2 Lift days

After a minor set back with my calf last week, Terry and I decided to keep the daily mileage under 8 miles this week.  Reflecting on this past week, I'm feeling pretty good about the progress (meaning that I don't have tightness worsening in my calf yet).  I know that the true test will come in the early days next week as I try to run back-to-back days of 8 miles.  Now some of you may think that I'm having a nervous breakdown because I can't run.  This would have definitely been the case in college, or even three years ago.  Obviously, it's not ideal to be somewhat injured 13 weeks out from the Trials, but it could be a lot worse.  Emotionally I am actually very impressed with myself because I've been very rationale with my options and the scenarios that could play out.  Further, I've had time to do other things that I enjoy, like cooking.  The most annoying part about all of this is just that it has prevented me from being able to run with new people, thwarting my attempts to meet more friends through the running community.

The highlight of the week was the Strava Track Club potluck that Coach Dena hosted at her house. I've been very grateful for her generosity and for the warm welcome into the running community.  I also attended the Strava Track Club practice on Tuesday at the Stanford track.  It was the first time I was really fired up to run since this calf injury started.  Nothing can stop the magic of that track from permeating throughout my whole body.  My spirits were uplifted just seeing the lights on at the track.  So many great memories from college at that track!


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