Sunday, November 1, 2015

Week in Review (Calf Setback)

47 Miles
12 Mile MLR
1 day off

I take one step forward and two steps back.  Change one word and you have a nice Paula Abdul song.  Well, that's how I feel right now.  I was feeling optimistic about my calf tightness going away until it came back after 8 consecutive days of running.  I'd been enjoying the runs with some friendly folks here in my new town (mainly Jenna Boren) and then my calf gave me the middle finger. After a 12 miler on Saturday, the calf tightened up again, so I went into emergency mode.  I called Garrett, looked up all sorts of ankle mobility drills and began a strict regime of foam rolling, lacrosse ball massage and KB massage before and after all runs.   I took Sunday off as an extra precautionary measure, in hopes that next week will prove to be more successful.

I really just want to know if I'm healthy or not. I hate this middle ground and that is probably the most frustrating.  I've talked with Terry and at least have a plan, with several options depending on how my calf holds up to mileage through the rest of the month.


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