Sunday, November 15, 2015

Week in Review

45 miles
1 day off
2 weight lift sessions
1 sleepover with Meagan

Thirteen.  That's the number of consecutive days I ran until I felt another injury find its way to my body.

Things were going so great early in the week, too.  I ran 8 miles at the Strava Track Club practice.   I had a wonderfully painful massage with Josh at Sports Medicine Institute, followed by an ice bath that took my breath away.  I had the privilege of running with my bestie Meagan for not one, but TWO runs.  I seriously was so grateful that I wasn't injured when she was here, because it would have meant less time for me to spend with her.

Then Saturday came along.  I drove to the southernmost part of the peninsula to run with Laura and Connor.  it was a beautiful day, with great company but during the first mile, I knew something wasn't right.  Out of nowhere, my right achilles was aching, super tight.  I finished the run because it was manageable but knew right away that it was not good.  I drove home and contemplated what probably happened - my left knee and left calf got tight and then I started overcompensating and it all migrated on over to my right side like a virus.  I attempted a run on Sunday morning in the rain, and the achilles was too tight to push it.

I was pretty bummed because by day 11, I was really beginning to feel optimistic about my buildup back to getting into shape.  I felt confident that all the mobility drills, strengthening exercises, and soft tissue work were finally starting to pay off and help me heal.  I'm really glad that Garrett gets here in one week so that he can give me some more exercises to focus on to help correct this.

On the bright side, I haven't been injured in over ten years.  I'm fortunate to have the privilege to run and am so grateful for how much more sane it makes me feel.  If anything, this injury is the sort of thing that makes me appreciate all the opportunities that running has opened up for me.  Hopefully I'm  back, and healthy, by December 15th.

night out with meagan!

ice bath at Sports Medicine Institute


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