Sunday, May 4, 2014

Week in Review

81 Miles
2x3.5 miles with 1 mile jog rest in 6:00 average for the 8 miles
14 x 200m on / off @ 40/50 in 17:30 average for 3 miles
18.7 mile long run in 2:20:30 easy
2 Lift Days
0 Doubles

With just under seven weeks until the Grandma's Half Marathon, I feel really good about where things are heading. I conquered two fairly tough workouts with a solid long run in seven day's time. The weather has been perfect for running, with the humidity still holding off from making its mark quite yet.   I enjoyed a long run out at Latta Plantation, with a combination of rocky single track trails and soft, wide horse trails to get lots of miles on.  I felt like the focus this week was the focus in on my goal half marathon pace - sub-5:50 - and to get comfortable with that pace. I still have more work to go where I can run that pace for a sustained period of time, but I've got several more weeks to get that done.


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