Friday, May 2, 2014

200 Meter Repeats on the Track

2-4 miles of 200m on / off track session (to practice precise pacing and also to come away with an avg. pace to get in a tempo effort) - 200 on (40) - 200 off (50) for anywhere from 3200-6400 meters (cutting anywhere in between is fine, even if an odd distance)

3 miles warmup
3 miles in 17:30 with 400m anywhere from 39-40.5 and the off anywhere from 46-49 with mile splits of 548, 551, 551
3:41 jog rest with some fast with Michelle, then 2 more with chad at
18 min cool down for 10 miles cool down

At 6:45AM on Friday, I headed out the door with Aaron, Michelle, Chad, Phil and Danielle to the JCSU track.  JCSU was prepping for graduation, so there were 3 huge boards right after the start line to protect the track from the trucks carrying stage equipment.  The boards were a little wobbly, so we decided to start first with the slower 200m.  Of course, we went out a little too fast (43) but eventually brought it back to a slower pace, closer to 50s.  The workout was really fun with such a big group, but I definitely started to feel tired after 3 miles, so I called it quits.  Then after doing an easy lap and 200m fast with Michelle, I decided to jump in with Chad to help him finish up the last of his workout.  It was good to get in the work and it wasn’t overly exerting.  On Saturday, my legs felt totally fresh so I realized that I probably should have just done 4 miles of the 200’s.  Oh well!


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