Wednesday, May 7, 2014

4 x 1.5M on the Speed Loop

13-15M with 4 x 1.5M with 800m jog rest
First mile @ HMP (5:48) then last 800m @ 2:47 (10k pace of 535)

3 miles warmup
4x1.5 via 7.35M in 44:25
832 - 545, 247 (3:36 .48M jog)
830 - 542, 248 (3:45 jog .5M with water stop)
829 - 544, 245 (3:13 .37M jog)
833 - 547, 246
3.5M cool down really slow for almost 14 miles

This morning's nice 520AM start didn't seem to affect me nearly as much as the humidity.  In the early hours, I was already drenched in sweat one mile in when I met Laurie halfway. Both of us felt bad as we jogged our warmup and I hoped those feelings would pass.  We headed to the Dilworth 2-Mile Speed Loop so that it would work out perfectly for the rest.
Dreadfully, I started the first interval and immediately we were breathing really hard, even though we could still talk. I broke away from Laurie for the faster 800m part for first two sets. On those sets, the 800m fast portion was almost all on a slight uphill and that was really tough on me to get the legs moving.

By second interval, we weren't talking. Laurie was done after two so I took a bit longer of a rest to grab water on Rebecca's porch.  Once Laurie headed home, I chose to turn a different way for the 800m fast part so that I could use the slight downhill / flat instead of the uphill on Park Ave. 
On the last interval, my legs felt really heavy and I had to push HARD to hit the times, hence why my times are a little slower. 

While I hit the workout targets, it was a bit tougher than I would have liked.  
I typically don't do too well solo, so I was happy that I was able to run fast even by myself. Also, as I already mentioned, it was more humid than I am used to.  I just need another couple of weeks for my body to adjust to the heat and then it will be a non-issue.  


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