Friday, May 23, 2014

20 x 400m Wave Tempo on the Track

20 laps alternating every 400m at 1:20 and 1:40.  Pace should roughly come out to 30:00 for 8,000m

2.5 mile warmup
20 lap in 29:30 total with fast laps typically at 1:19-1:20 (had one slow one at 1:23) and the slow laps at 1:35-1:40.  Did the last 400m that was supposed to be slow in a 200m slow and 200m fast (:38)
2.5 cool down for 10 miles total

After a crappy workout on Wednesday, I really wanted to crush this workout and run faster than what Terry had prescribed.  Unfortunately, on the warmup, my legs felt like garbage.  I began creating certain mental tactics that would help me tackle the workout successfully.  Mainly, I told myself that it really was only 10 hard 400s at 80, which isn't a hard workout for me at all.  I also told myself that I can run 26:45 in the 8k on the roads with competition, so all I was asking was for my body to do that three minutes slower on the track.

I came to the track and a guy I had never met, Austin, was there ready to help me out and also get in a good workout himself.  The next 20 laps with Austin went by without a hitch and that terrible feeling in my legs eventually went away and I was able to run faster than what Terry had asked.  Despite the humidity, I powered through and had a decent workout.


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