Friday, August 10, 2012

Just Like Clockwork - 5 Mile Tempo

5 Mile Tempo at 5:45-5:50

2.5 mile warmup
5 mile tempo in 29:36 (5:57, 5:57, 5:57, 5:59, 5:47)
3.5 mile cool down

7 miles in the pm for 18 miles total

Well, ever since I did those 400s on Tuesday, my arch, achilles and hamstring have all been extremely tight.  Nothing crazy, but also something that definitely should not go ignored because I feel like I'm on the precipitous of injury--right at the point where either I could keep doing what I'm doing now, which in terms of prehab is absolutely nothing, or choose to make some changes and actually do my exercises that help prevent aches such as these.  I'm also leading into a nice 100-mile week and I'm sure these are the kinks to be felt.

I think that the travel took its toll on me during this workout, as I felt like it was a chore to run in the high 5:50s.  However, I was able to go pretty quick that last mile, thanks to the push from Stephen Spada.  Hey--at least we were consistent with our first four miles, right?  Now I need to keep up my training regime in the weight room and make sure I keep any injuries from becoming a reality.


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