Sunday, August 12, 2012

(100 Miles) Week in Review

100 Miles
4 Doubles
2 Workouts
19.5 mile long run

I ran 100 miles this week.

Enough said.

not much to report here except that I actually had quite a bit of fun running these miles this week. I ran probably 90 of these miles with friends from the Wilmore Running Club and managed to even run two workouts after traveling back from London. I couldn't be happier with where things are...except for maybe those few aches and pains that are bothering me right now.  Need to make sure I nurse my tired legs back into good health so that I can toe the line at Philly healthy and strong.  Definitely need to get back into my regime at the gym---or even in my spare bedroom where I have loads of exercise gadgets that I've paid too much money for and yet rarely use.  For now, I want to stuff my face with Toblerone chocolate and watch the Closing Ceremonies for the Olympics.


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