Tuesday, August 14, 2012

8x800m Fail (Sort of)

8x800m with 1:30 rest at 2:38-2:43

3.5 mile warmup
8x800m at 2:43-2:46 with 1:15-1:20 rest
3 mile cool down

4.3 miles in the pm for 15 miles total

This was a sort of fail because I didn't hit my target goal times.  Since I was pissed off at my own efforts, I decided to make the rest even shorter than it was supposed to be to try to make up for my lack of speed today.  I'm not sure what's going on, but it was just hard to find that second gear today to dig deep.  Unlike how I felt last Tuesday, when I did 400s on the Speed Loop, my legs felt heavy and lethargic as I rounded the turn into Dilworth Road East.  I made an extra effort to finish out the workout entirely even though I wasn't feeling great at all.  Definitely wasn't what I was looking for as the confidence booster going into the Greek Fest 5k, but it will do.  In the end, I got in the effort for the day and was able to post some solid miles for the day.  The big goal is Philly, and I'm working towards that.

Soreness update:  my left hamstring is still bothering me some, and on my double in the evening it felt the worst it has in the past two weeks.  I'm stretching but trying not to do too much so as to not aggravate it any more than it already is.


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