Sunday, June 24, 2012

Week in Review

34 Miles
4 Days of running
3 Days off
3 Dance Classes
60 hours at work

So, this week I ran fewer miles than I would have liked, but I had some work priorities that invaded my normal running activities.  I stayed at work until 9PM on Tuesday and Wednesday.  The other days I stayed until 6:30PM which wasn't too bad. Surprisingly, when I went for my first run since the half, my legs felt awesome.  Every run this week was quite enjoyable and my legs felt like brand new.  After the work week was over, I hung out a lot with John and Matt and took advantage of the South End neighborhood association's planned events.  We went to the food truck celebration on Friday and ate some delicious vegan tacos.  On Saturday, John and I picked blueberries, tanned at the pool, and enjoyed socializing with friends at the CRC cookout at Latta Park.  All in all, the hectic work week was capped off with a relaxing weekend spent with friends. I couldn't be happier!

In baseball news, Garrett may or may not have hurt his hand pretty bad in a fluke accident.  We are hoping to find out good news on his prognosis tomorrow!


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