Sunday, June 17, 2012

Week in Review

63 miles
2 Doubles
Half Marathon in 1:17:50
4 days in Minnesota

Much of this week was already documented in other posts.  I would like to thank Mark Hadley for allowing Meagan and I to jump in his car for a ride back to Minneapolis early on Sunday in hopes of catching an earlier flight.  I literally was the last standby passenger allowed onto the 12PM flight back to Charlotte, which meant I landed five hours earlier than I had expected.  I also am especially grateful to Ariana Hilborn and her husband for letting us catch a ride with them to Duluth from Minneapolis!

Even if I didn't achieve the time goal that I was hoping for in the race yesterday, I had a great time socializing with Meagan and taking in the beautiful scenery of Duluth and Lake Superior.


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