Sunday, March 18, 2012

Week in Review

67 Miles
1 Workout
4 Mile Race in 23:28
Half Marathon in 1:20:01

Most of this week was already recapped in my race reports posted earlier on the blog.  There are some important highlights to take note of.  I am officially a part of the Team USA Road Runners, a new running group that Mark Hadley has formed to promote the sport of running.  The biggest advantage of being a part of this team is the local resources that will be provided for free.  Of course, there's free coaching by Mark Hadley, but other notable benefits include free services from Dr. Greenapple, a free Metro YMCA membership, a stipend toward massage each week, and free Trigger Point Performance foam rollers.  I'm excited to be a part of this group along with Pezz and Alana.  

I also am officially signed up for the USA Half Marathon Championships in Duluth, Minnesota in June.  Meagan Nedlo, Ariana Hilborn, Camille Herron and I are all going to carpool together from Minneapolis to Duluth to take part in an epic journey to get some (hopefully) BIG PRs.  My half marathon PR is no where near as good as my marathon PR and it's about time I lower that.  

Finally, I thought I would entertain you all with some of my engagement pictures that I received earlier this week from Indigo Photography.  My photographer Andy Chen is absolutely awesome. He took all of the pictures of me that on my blog and he's truly a talented, passionate photographer.  I  will warn you that if you don't like seeing mushy gushy, lovey dovey stuff, then you should just stop now.  


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