Sunday, March 11, 2012

Week in Review

87 Miles
3 Doubles
18 Mile Long Run
2 Successful Workouts
1 Friend in Town

What a fantastic week on all levels!  Running, work, time with friends, and wedding planning all went perfectly, and I couldn't hope for a better week before my first race in months.  I had a great time working out with the always-reliable Stephen Spada and thoroughly enjoyed catching up with Jay and Lauren over beer (water for me) at Selwyn Pub.  I spent my free moments trying to finalize the last of my big wedding preparations--booking a florist--so now all I have to do is wait for their estimates to come in.

The week was definitely highlighted by Sunday's long run with our special guest, Jay Holder, and a slew of other runners.  Anna Donlan showed why she is one of the top female runners in Charlotte by two-stepping the group the entire time to keep the pace below 7:15.  After the run, I had the honor of having almost 10 hours of Jay's precious time as Lauren had an earlier flight that morning.  Jay and I enjoyed a walk in Dilworth, Dilworth Coffee, a tour of surburbia near the Promenade, and SNL/ACC Champ Game at Aaron's house before I had to drop him off at the airport.  The time spent with Jay further confirmed how much I miss him and how much we all really want him to move back to the Queen City.  It will happen one day, I'm sure.

Now that I'm back at home, I have clicked on practically every Craigslist posting about apartments, condos or houses available for rent in Dilworth or Uptown.  That's right, the next order of business is to find an apartment that has enough room for Garrett, Garrett's baseball stuff, and all my clothing.  It's exciting looking for new places to live, but scary at the same time!

In the next week, I'll enjoy my first week under 85 miles in almost five weeks!  I get to take a lower mileage week since I'll be racing on both Saturday and Sunday in Durham and Raleigh.  Running up and down the Morehead Hill to cheer on my fellow CRC'ers in the Corporate Cup Half Marathon further cemented my excitement to toe the line and compete!   Just 6 more days!


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