Sunday, October 16, 2011

Week in Review

~79 Miles
2 Doubles
1 400m workout
19 Mile Long Run at 719 pace
2 days at Wake Forest

This week was fairly uneventful from a running perspective since I ran easy every day until Friday, when I did a 16x400m workout with Liz, Thomas, and David.  Liz is in town visiting from Boston for Wake Forest homecoming weekend.  After successfully completing 16x400m repeats at 73-77, Liz and I stalked old friends on Facebook, went to Lululemon, and ate froyo at Menchie's.

On Saturday afternoon, Liz and I arrived at Wake Forest and reunited with a lot of the former Wake Forest runners.  I should note that even though it was Homecoming at Wake Forest, I didn't go to the Wake Forest v. Virginia Tech football game, nor did I take a single sip of alcohol.  Mostly I enjoyed catching up with my friends who are either in med school, getting their masters in epidemiology, or a phD in History.  Out of this group, I feel like an undereducated fool, but it's okay.  Maybe I'll join them with a higher degree later.

In the end,  I did log some long miles at my old stomping ground, Salem Lake, with two of my former teammates and assistant coach.  I enjoyed running a slightly lower mileage week with a solid long run.  Next week I'm on track to run 85 miles to continue my preparation for Rock n Roll Savannah Half Marathon.


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