Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Being Smart

8x1000m at 320-324 with 2 min jog rest

11.3 Easy miles

Typically I wouldn't post about a workout that I bailed on.  However, I think it's an important reminder that sometimes you have to make the right decision for the long term. 

Today I woke up at 510AM and it felt like any other workout day as I went through my regular routines.  Once I got out onto the roads, I noticed that my left IT Band was much tighter than usual.  Immediately memories from January resurfaced:   
  • Limping down Dilworth Road East, waiting for Jordan to come pick me up in his car since my IT Band was pulling so much on my knee that I couldn't even walk, let alone run. 
  • Spending my entire FSA allotment for the year in just the month of January on physical therapy
  • Icing my bruised leg from "scraping" treatment
Given my history with IT Band, I knew it would be dumb to start this work out, even though I had recruited a solid group of four guys to do this (Stephen, David, Eric, and Billy).  I know that speed can aggravate the IT, so I opted for an easy run around Dilworth.  Carolyn and Dalena ran by just as I made this critical decision, so I was able to log miles with them. 

While the last thing I want right now is to miss a work out, I would rather miss it now than in December.  I don't want to have a sporadic month of training due to IT Band issues, so I am being smart in October.  I will continue my band exercises three times a week and begin my lifting regime twice a week.  I've been slacking on the little things, which could lead to bigger, badder things further down the line.  I'm confident that I'll be good to go with the right focus on the pre-hab activities.  On the plus side, I am not in any pain!


mrn said...

i missed my workout today too because what i thought was a track at marblehead high school was actually just a football field with nothing around it. sigh. after all the time i spent scurrying around figuring that out i was running too late to find another option. so i'm going to try it on the katy trail in dallas tomorrow instead, assuming my flight's not delayed. hope your leg feels good enough to do the same!

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