Sunday, May 8, 2011

Week in Review

79 Miles
8 Runs
14 Mile Long Run
Cinco De Mayo Tequila 400m

I finished up a solid week, with just over 7 days until the race that I've been training for since February starts.  This week I celebrated the Charlotte Running Club's second birthday with 21 other people as we took a shot of tequila and then ran a 400m dash.  I was the first female and was too close to Jay for his (or my) comfort. 

Next week will be busy as I fly to Grand Rapids on Thursday, race on Saturday, drive to two hours south to Chicago on Saturday after the race to pick up my sister, and spend a night on the town in Chicago.  We'll be attending a Second City Comedy Club show and meeting up with my brother JOey from Phoenix!  On Sunday, we will drive two hours south to visit my Grandma and then we'll drive four hours south to my childhood home.  I'll be spending almost six whole days at home, where I'll get to try out my mom's iPad, hang out with my family, hike, and enjoy sleeping in a room that has blackout blinds.  First up - the race.  Can't wait!


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