Sunday, May 1, 2011

Week in Review

79 Miles
8 Runs
~16 mile long run
800m Repeats and 5 Mile Race
1 CRC Social

Not much to report about this week except that I'm ready to rock at the 25k.  My legs are feeling strong and my mind is prepared to compete against some of the best runners in the nation.  Nan Kennard, Katie McGregor and a couple other elite women are running, but after those ladies, I really do feel like I can compete with any else that toes the line.  The USA 25k Champs tends to be one of the less competitive USA Championship races because most of the other professional runners are busy pursuing a season on the track.  For this reason, it will be a good race for me to stick my nose out to place in the top 8.  Further, I'm excited to reunite with Ruth and to work together to execute a great race.

Below are pictures from the CRC social that was hosted on Saturday night.  It was great to see all of my running friends dressed up! 
Michelle, Lindsey and I

Emily and I acting as bouncers

Proving that CR


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