Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Coming Back: 24x200m

24x200m fast but not straining

~2.5 mile warmup
24x200m at 35-37 with my trainers at JCSU with 45-50 second rest
~2.5 mile cool down for ~10 miles total

After the 25k on May 14, I ran 20 miles the first week back and 45 miles the second week back.  I firmly believe in taking down time before your next big training cycle because of the break it provides mentally from all the little things that are required during a strenuous training cycle.  I got a break from the early mornings, stretching, and planning a social schedule around running.  May was a perfect time to take a break because now is really my last chance to run less than 60 miles in a week before the Olympic Trials in January 2012.  Needless to say, my recent post-25k two week break from the grind was especially nice because I got to spend time with family and travel some without the worry of fitting running into the day's events.

I decided that today marked the first day of my training cycle of the Olympic Trials and I determined to envision the Olympic Trials experience on each of my runs leading up to the race.  I want to soak up each and every step I take that gets me closer to that day, and I look forward to every moment. 

Now that my two weeks of regeneration are over, I started the first workout of my training plan with 24x200m repeats. I was dreading doing these in the heat and humidity that has come upon us much too quickly for my taste, but I mustered enough drive and determination to wake up at 530am to get it out of the way.  I left my house at 6am and made it to the JCSU track 20 minutes later.  Jay would be showing up around 630 to do some 1200m repeats, but I wanted to start early.

I decided to click my watch for splits but to not glance at it.  I really wanted to run fast on just feel alone and trust that my times would follow.  I also decided to cut the rest from 200m rest to about 150m rest because I cut across from the start line to the 200m mark after each interval.  This left me with about 45-50 seconds of rest on each 200m.  That probably was not going to be enough later on in the workout, so I also split it into 3 sets of 8.  After the 8th and 16th interval, I drank water with Nuun in it and jogged the 200m stretch, giving me a little over 90 seconds.

Overall, I felt really smooth and relaxed until the 20th one.  I could tell I was getting tired, so I walked a little bit on the rest on those and gave myself an extra 10 seconds of cushion room.  I focused on keeping my head still and maintaining a good form, driving my arms and legs forward.  I did get a little distracted seeing my sweat fly off in drops around me.  It was pretty nasty.  Overall, I am most pleased with the fact that I was able to keep my fastest splits near the end. 

Next up are 4x1.5 mile repeats on Friday!

1st 8:  36-37
2nd 8: 35-37
3rd 8:  35-36


jayholder8k said...

nice work today. You looked strong!

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