Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Final Tune Up: 60 Min Progression


60 minute tempo with:
1st 20 minutes: 6:25-6:30 pace
2nd 20 minutes: 6:10-6:15 pace
3rd 20 minutes: 5:55 - 6:00 pace

2 mile warmup
60 minute tempo 
1st 3 miles @ 6:29 average pace (6:35, 6:23, 6:29)
2nd 3 miles @ 6:12 average pace (6:12, 6:15, 6:10)
3rd 3.75 miles @ 5:45 average pace (5:47, 5:42, 5:47, 4:30 for 3.75 miles)
1.8 mile cool down for 13.6 miles total

I was supposed to do this workout this morning, but after hearing the rain splatter on my back porch, I texted the troops and rescheduled for this afternoon.  I was fortunate that the weather would be absolutely perfect, featuring brisk 60 degree temperatures and a bright, shining sun at 5pm. 

Michelle discovered that I was tempoing and we worked it out so that she would run the first three miles of her tempo with Eric and I, and then finish up with Thomas once we picked up the pace.  Once Michelle and I got to the park, we began our warmup with Thomas, Eric, and Meagan.  After a quick bathroom break, we started to the sound of five different beeps on our watches.

The first three miles went by really fast and I was focusing on staying as relaxed as possible.  We carried on a light conversation and even joked some.  Sometimes I zoned out and just enjoyed the loud sounds from the crickets and frogs in the woods.  It made me miss home and feel excited to be there in just two weeks. After 3 miles, Meagan turned around and Thomas and Michelle maintained 630s while Eric and I picked it up.

At the start of mile 4, Eric and I took off a bit too fast, but then settled into a nice rhythm that would put us perfectly on pace.  I really wanted 6:10s to feel easy and comfortable.  I felt extremely relaxed and my breathing was controlled.  I didn't feel like I was laboring at all, which is reassuring since I want to run 6:05 for the first 5 miles of my 25k next week.  Eric and I had to turn around at the 5 mile marker, which was planned intentionally so that I could practice the turns for the Trials.  Given that we came to a complete stop to turn around, our splits are really good.

At the start of mile 7, I took off.  I was feeling great!  I knew that this was my final tune up workout before the 25k, so I really wanted to make it count.  I also decided to run only on feel and to not check my watch for the split times.  Instead, I just clicked the lap button without looking and kept on rolling.  Since the terrain is much flatter at McMullen than at the Booty Loop, I had made my own secret goal to run faster in the final 3 miles than I had in any of my Booty Loop 3 miles that I did two weeks ago.  I did just that; I ran 17:16.  After I passed the 9 mile mark, I still had over 4 minutes left to run.  For sanity's sake, I decided to just ease it up a bit and to run .75 more, which I figured would get me to 60 minutes if I ran 6:00 pace.  I closed the final .75 in 4:30, which was exactly what I wanted. 

Once the clocked ticked in at 60 minutes, I stopped and walked.  It was a rather uneventful end to a great workout because Eric wasn't around to give a high five in celebration of our accomplishment.  Instead, I bent over, caught my breath, and turned around on the trail to find Eric.  I ran into Michelle and Thomas and then eventually Eric and we finished up, recapping the turn of events.  Michelle absolutely rocked her 50 minute tempo at a 6:30 average and Eric rocked his 60 minute tempo, running 5:55s for his final 3 miles.

After tonight's workout, I trust my race plan for the 25k and am ready to race!


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